Welcome to my one-of-a-kind online gallery.

Finding New Life For Scrap Objects and Natural Materials.... Stay Tuned for more

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About me

I am an artist living in the hamlet of Aberfoyle, located just south of the city of Guelph and only a short drive west of Toronto.


I am dedicated to creating unique one of a kind artistic and useful pieces using natural materials, scrap objects and discarded or broken everyday items.

"There is always a new and different life for objects that have outlived their original purpose but often have sentimental value."

By displaying my artwork and creations in this one of a kind online gallery, I hope to encourage others to use their imagination and often underestimated hidden talents to also create artistic, useful and thought provoking pieces from scrap everyday items.

For additional information, or if you are interested in acquiring one of my unique art pieces, please contact me at:  kristal@rogers.com